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The Experience
The Experience

Travelling to Zagori, a wild region of Epirus, somewhere near the banks of Voidomatis river and having as a background the Towers of Astraka, heading up a cobbled street of Aristi, suddenly you come across "Artsistas Houses" a house complex, built on a smaller scale than the old original settlement of Zagori. 

Ten stone houses, overlooking Gamila peak, take you to other eras, to distant worlds, as if time has stopped somewhere there, inside their yards. Each house has its own name, and its own style.

Each one is an unexpected surprise and a unique experience. A magical place that preserves its identity, as well as a foreign place at the same time, which makes you a part of it and lets you dream.The house names are inspired by the 1905 population census of Aristi, derived mainly from Zagori region and from existent relatives of the owner. Powerful female names.

They stand there imposing, and exquisite, in harmony with the architectural characteristics of the famous Zagori mansions, which made the region famous until nowadays as a monument of unique historical and architectural heritage.

Artsistas Houses


Aristi is located in Western Zagori, in the triangle Megalo Papigo - Mikro Papigo, Aristi, Vikos and is connected with the Central Zagori. It is 42 km from the city of Ioannina at an altitude of 650 meters.
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