Through outdoor activities that satisfy all tastes, you will discover that Zagori is also an alternative holiday destination, where by observing nature you will refresh your fitness and your spirit.


One of the main activities in Zagori is hiking, organized (trekking) or not, such as the crossing of Vikos Gorge (the deepest canyon in the world according to the Guinness book) with a duration of 5 hours, the crossing of the gorge of Voidomatis alongside the river and swimming in the gorge of “Vikaki” (Little Vikos) or climbing to Drakolimni (Dragon Lake). We offer guided hiking services as well as self-organized ones.

Self-organized tours

On self-organized tours, in addition to offering information and maps regarding the routes, we can also provide you with a GPS. You can choose the path that you like, taking into account your mood, your fitness level, weather conditions and our guidance.

Guided tours

Although a self-organized nature hike can be a very pleasant experience, a guided one can be particularly enjoyable because along the way the hiker gets to know more about the natural and cultural characteristics of the region. This can be achieved by using our guides and by selecting routes which offer all the elements that will allow the guest to get acquainted with the nature around them and will give them a taste of the cultural heritage of the area. Some of the particular areas of interest offered are geology, environment, archaeology, architecture, flora and fauna, etc. With appropriate expert guidance, visitors become aware of the local history and the human impact on the land. These tours offer a fantastic way for visitors to not only enjoy but also to gain insight and knowledge of the region.


Rafting on Voidomatis river, one of the most well known routes for all levels of experience in Greece. It is an exciting and fun experience that gives you the opportunity to find yourself in places of unique beauty, which can only be seen from the river.

Horse riding

Horse riding next to Voidomatis river and the surrounding forest area is one of the most beautiful experiences. Every visitor can experience this by choosing a long or a short route. There is also the route within the Papigo region, amid the mountains.


All caves and jumps are optional…you can choose the level of adventure that is suitable for you! No prior experience is required, and the necessary technical equipment is provided.

Canyoning in canyons for beginners

Canyoning for Advanced


Flying fox, from tree to tree!!!


Aimed at those who love the feel of the wind that they can feel it during the flight.

Mountain bike

They offer a unique sense of speed and adventure.

Jeep Safari

Independent private tour by 4×4 vehicles. Travel at your own pace, with the trip of your choice.

Experiental activities for children and for you

“The route of the sheep wool”, where you will see how sheep’s wool is cleaned, how carding is conducted and finally how thread is made. You will get to know how plant dyes are applied on wool and natural fabrics (silk, cotton). You will learn techniques regarding the creation process of handmade fabric, knitting, weaving with the help of a traditional loom and the process of making fabric with the felt making technique, without using any tools. Make your own bracelet, an artwork made of wool or a small scarf combining silk with the top quality merinos wool from New Zealand, only with the use of your own hands…

All the activities are conducted in cooperation with alternative tourism companies in Zagori, members of Zagori excellence network (ZEN).

All activities are suitable for children above 2 years of age.