Voidomatis River:

After the bridge of Aristi, there is a path that goes alongside the coldest and cleanest river in Europe. It is no coincidence that its name Voidomatis comes from the Slavic Bode – Matt, which means “good water”.

Monastery of Spiliotissa (Holy Virgin of the cave):

Going down the road to Voidomatis river, the monastery of Spiliotissa appears on the left. A beautiful and deserted monastery built in 1597, literally perched on the rocks within the water. It is impressive due to its stone precinct and its invaluable wealth. Symbol of life for the locals, symbol of search for the traveller.

“Balcony” of Vikos Gorge:

In the east of Aristi, in a distance of 5km, we meet the village of “Vikos”, with excellent view of the Vikos Gorge. Many routes for those who love exploring the paths of Zagori, leading to the springs of Voidomatis river.

Drakolimni (Dragon Lake) of Tymfi:

Drakolimni of Gamila, in which you will get from Mikro Papigo after a four-hour hike, is a busy mountaineering destination and is known for its alpine Tritons in its waters. The lake also is in 1 hour walking distance from the organized refuge at the saddle of Astraka.

Stone bridges:

Plakida’s (or Kalogeriko) is the only three-arched bridge built in 1814 and is located near the village Kipoi at Central Zagori. Noutsou’s (or Kokkorou) in the village Koukouli, Misios bridge between the villages Vitsa and Koukouli and the bridge of Voidomatis river with the crystal waters of the river passing below it.